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"You Need To Learn To Love"

About Jimmy Jon:

Hi folks. Jimmy Jon here. I was born in 1944. I was born again in 1981. I've been playing music and singing songs since I was five years old.

One night, in 1995, the Good Lord just gave me this song. The reason that I know it was God-given was because I just sat down and played and sang the song in 10 minutes. From the bottom of my heart, I know that I could not have written lyrics like these in 10 days, let alone 10 minutes.

Jesus said to love the Father with our whole heart, whole mind, whole body and whole soul. The second command He gave us was to love each other. This beautiful little God-given country-bluegrass song embodies the second command.

Hope you like it... Hope it lifts up your heart... Hope it inspires you to lift up someone elses heart.

Thank you, and please know that this is not heaven down here, but our dear Father in heaven loves you, unconditionally, every minute of your life.

Go love somebody...

Jimmy Jon

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